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ISW Athletic Facility opened on May 5th 2015 in Ralston, NE. This comprehensive facility further advances our mission of HOLISTIC ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT for our youth, high school, college and professional athletes. We provide our athletes with an elite training environment overseen by a professional staff that promotes development of our athletes Mind, Body and Spirit. The ISW Athletic Facility is home to our performance, nutrition, psychology, massage, yoga and sports programs. We train individuals, groups and teams.


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Infinite Sports World Performance concentrates on fundamental abilities that every athlete must have to perform their greatest. These abilities are balance, acceleration, agility, speed, conditioning, strength, power and change of direction. Athletes must be physically prepared for the rigors of their sport to achieve the highest level of success. ISW Performance will make sure you are at your PEAK as you meet the challenge of competition, while training you to EXCEED your competitors level, and helping MAINTAIN your body through out the season.



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Infinite Sports World Nutrition and Health, directed by Niki Kubiak, focuses on providing healthy eating, proper fueling strategies before and during competition and recovery nutrition to our athletes. Niki is one of the very few dietitians in the state of Nebraska to be credentialed as a CERTIFIED SPECIALIST in SPORTS DIETETICS. Niki works with professional, college, high school and youth athletes to make sure their bodies are at OPTIMUM level to achieve their sporting goals.



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Infinite Sports World Psychology, led by Director Tory Robinson, mission is to promote adherence to healthy attitudes and behaviors that maximize performance on a daily basis. To offer and innovative and integrative approach to helping people achieve their health and performance goals. Tory's therapeutic approach reflects a strengths based, holistic and interpersonal style. Reach all your goals with the proper mindset and the ability to conquer any challenge you face.



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ISW Massage Therapy’s purpose is to provide our Athletes with the proper recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation that they need to perform at the highest levels. Incorporating massage into a healthy lifestyle reduces risk of injury, and promotes healing in muscle tissue. We use six modalities of massage that each provide their own holistic developmental avenues. Our massage therapies consist of sports, deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish, Thai, and prenatal.



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Infinite Sports World Yoga focus is on core strength and flexibility. A strong focus on flexibility for athletes and people wanting to stay injury free and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga will challenge the core and upper body. There will also be an increase in mind and body connection. Becoming aware of the breath working with the body and mind to decrease stress.



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Infinite Sports World Soccer Academy is a competitive soccer club based in Omaha Nebraska that trains and plays locally, regionally, and nationally. Led by Soccer Director, Jeff Oksman, our qualified training staff focuses on developing soccer players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically while encouraging creativity, decision making, leadership, teamwork and confidence in a fun and fast paced environment. ISW Soccer Academy, a US Club Soccer and US Youth Soccer affiliate.

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Infinite Sports World provides Holistic Athletic Development for individuals, groups and teams with a focus on Mind, Body and Spirit via performance, nutrition, psychology, massage, yoga and sports.