Infinite Sports World Nutrition and Health, directed by Niki Kubiak, focuses on providing healthy eating, proper fueling strategies before and during competition and recovery nutrition to our athletes. Niki is one of the very few dietitians in the state of Nebraska to be credentialed as a CERTIFIED SPECIALIST in SPORTS DIETETICS. Niki works with professional, college, high school and youth athletes to make sure their bodies are at OPTIMUM level to achieve their sporting goals. Take advantage now of ISW Nutrition and Health to gain the ADVANTAGE you need..
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“Niki is wonderful!  I looked forward to conferencing with her every week.  She taught me an amazing amount of information and was also so much fun in doing so!  I have been bicycling for 22 years and the week long ride I did a couple weeks ago was the best I have done – in spite of being 22 years older!  I think the nutrition counseling Niki gave made all the difference.  My endurance levels were so much more improved, recovery was quicker, and I had the best time!  Niki knows her ‘stuff’!  I also have felt better on a regular day basis and want to keep this going ‘for life’.
Niki was so patient with me -  I always felt as if I were talking with a long time friend and therefore was constantly getting off subject to tell her something totally unrelated.  I think we went overtime every session and sometimes almost doubled the time allotment.  You should have charged me for two packages rather than one – Niki earned it! What a difference this has made. Best Wishes!“ - Cheryl