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Schedule Niki to Speak

Get the facts straight on nutrition by scheduling a team or group presentation with experienced speaker and facilitator, Niki Kubiak. Niki’s qualifications include:

  • Over 15 years of service as a Registered Dietitian in areas of community health, sports nutrition, and corporate wellness.
  • The most rigorous sports nutrition certification obtainable through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Five years of teaching experience at the university level.
Niki will provide expert guidance and goal setting tips to help your group apply the right nutrition principles for their needs whether it is improved athletic performance, effective weight loss, or general health and wellness. Engaging lunch-and-learns or cooking demonstrations are available, as well, to get your group more hands on with healthy food choices. Presentations can be done at a venue of your choosing or at Infinite Sports World.


  • 1 Hour Presentation = $150
  • 30 Minute Presentation = $75


"Will you please pass along to Niki how much I enjoyed her presentation!  My research area is obesity prevention (with a pediatric focus) and I have been to many nutrition conferences, lectures and presentations and I really felt like she did an EXCELLENT job!!”

Misty S.
Creighton University