“ I have been very impressed with all I've accomplished by following Tory’s strength training program.  My 2 concerns with strength training: Why do I need it? Why chance getting hurt?  When I found out that strength training will help to avoid injuries in endurance sports I was all for it. By following Tory's program and concentrating on my form I have been able to make significant gains in all the areas I needed!  I can tell every week how much stronger and comfortable I am with each lift. Tory laid out a program that worked on what I needed to improve the sports I compete in.That's exactly what I needed.  Thanks! “

-Tim L.
Infinite Sports World Performance concentrates on fundamental abilities that every athlete must have to perform their greatest. These abilities are balance, acceleration, agility, speed, conditioning, strength, power and change of direction. Athletes must be physically prepared for the rigors of their sport to achieve the highest level of success. ISW Performance will make sure you are at your PEAK as you meet the challenge of competition, while training you to EXCEED your competitors level, and helping MAINTAIN your body through out the season. Take advantage of our unique program, led by ISW Performance Director Tory Robinson, to give yourself the best chance for success.