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What are ISW Nutrition Concierge Services?
The ISW Nutrition Concierge Service provides you with a carefully tailored, personal nutrition plan along with continual guidance from your own private nutrition coach, Niki Kubiak. After identifying your individual food preferences, dietary needs, restrictions, habits, and sports nutrition or weight loss needs, Niki will guide you toward a nutritious eating plan that brings you better balance, improved nutrition, and healthy lifestyle changes that last.

What is included in the ISW Nutrition Concierge Packages?
12-weeks of guided nutrition coaching that includes:
  • A 1-hour initial history and nutrition assessment, with either monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly 30-minute follow up sessions.
  • 12-weeks of 24 hour, 7-day a week on-call access to Niki via phone, text or e-mail to enhance your personal nutrition progress
  • Guided goal setting and nutrition plans centered around food logging and nutritional analysis, discussion and feedback, plus other relevant services such as recipe sharing, menu planning, resolving nutrition obstacles, mindful eating skills, race nutrition planning, and sports nutrition counseling based on client interest and need.
When can I meet with Niki?
Appointments are available during daytime and evening hours, and coaching sessions can be held at Infinite Sports World or conducted via video conferencing or phone from the comfort of your own home or office.

What is the cost for the Nutrition Concierge service?

Nutrition Concierge 1 - $75 per month ($225 total)
Ideal for the individual with a basic nutrition foundation seeking casual guidance, more independent change, or basic sports nutrition counseling. Includes a 60-minute initial appointment, two 30-minute monthly follow up appointments, and on-call service up to 12 weeks from initial appointment.

Nutrition Concierge 2 - $130 per month ($390 total)
This package provides consistent accountability, more opportunities for guided change, and is well suited for the development of sports nutrition training and race plans. Includes a 60-minute initial appointment, five 30-minute follow up appointments every other week, and on-call service up to 12 weeks from initial appointment.

Nutrition Concierge 3 - $240 per month ($720 total)
An intensive package that brings results whether the individual is focused on weight loss or perfecting sports nutrition training and racing plans. Includes the 60-minute initial appointment, eleven 30-minute weekly follow up appointments, and on-call service up to 12-weeks from initial appointment.


Building a healthy lifestyle takes time, which is why nutrition maintenance sessions are available for any client who has completed a full 3-month concierge package. Maintenance sessions can provide a monthly push to keep you on track with your goals, or use them to extend out a full nutrition concierge package until healthy habits are well in place.

Is insurance coverage available?
Unfortunately, insurance coverage is not available, however most HSA or FSA accounts will cover the counseling fees with a doctor’s prescription and invoice of payment of nutrition services which you receive upon registration. All nutrition services can be paid in full upon registration or in three monthly installments.