Infinite Sports World Soccer Academy is a competitive soccer club that trains based in Omaha Nebraska. Led by ISW Soccer Director, Jeff Oksman, our qualified training staff focuses on developing soccer players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically while encouraging creativity, decision making, leadership, teamwork and confidence in a fun and fast paced environment. ISW Soccer Academy, a US Club Soccer and US Youth Soccer affiliate.
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Holistic DEVELOPMENT of our youth athletes is our primary mission. We focus on technical, tactical, psychological and physiological training in a safe and healthy environment. We develop our players to be creative and dynamic in an appropriately challenging and fast paced program.
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A CULTURE of friendship and family is what we promote at ISW. Sports are a fantastic way to meet new people, develop friendships and make memories that last a lifetime. We encourage our athletes, families and staff to support and care for one another while enjoying the passion of sport together.
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WINNING is an important component of our philosophy at ISW. Success combined with development builds a positive learning environment for our players. Leadership, competitiveness and sportsmanship are core values of what we teach so our players can be successful both on and off the field.